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With years of innovation, coaching, project and bid management experience with small, large and public sector organisations across Europe, dbyhundred will help make a success of your new venture or programme.  We create, consult and innovate with our clients, using the best creative & business management techniques to unlock all that prosperity!

Why dbyhundred?  Because we’ve been on the journey, launching initiatives for others and starting businesses for ourselves. Start on the right foot and avoid the traps. Read what we’ve done below and call us today!


splashmaps_facebook_1200x628px1We started and retain the majority share in the award winning SplashMaps business.  We were the first UK Geo project to win Kickstarter (Crowd Sourced) funding in 2012. We’ve also gained funding via grants and Angel funding in subsequent rounds. This business has opened a whole new category in the leisure map industry.

Follow our progress on Twitter @splashmaps and via our SplashMaps page and SplashMaps Times.


We project Manage and Coach Innovative Ventures. If you’re a Start-up or if you’re starting a new initiative, we’d love to help.
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HomeHalo is app driven internet control for your family

Turning an idea into a product that protects the family

David worked with inventor, Nick Gebbett, in starting his venture “HomeHalo”. In the project we worked together to define the proposition using strong market research and creative problem solving.  David implemented agile project management techniques to develop the App, software, firmware and hardware. We helped recruit the team, find funding and successfully launch the innovation.

“David worked with me for two years on developing HomeHalo from proving the market for the proposition through to commercialisation showing a great breadth of skills as a Project Manager and business coach in a number of spheres.” Nick Gebbett, CEO HomeHalo

Turning the dream of collaboration into a reality

We project manage and administer collaborative projects, with particular emphasis on data management.


On behalf of our client, EuroGeographics, an association of the National Mapping and Cadastral agencies, we project managed the award winning “ESDIN” project.  Together with 12 of the official national mapping organisations of Europe plus commercial developers and academics we built the foundations of a European Location Framework.  A European Spatial Data Infrastructure built from all the National ones.  See testimonials from our wide network of academics, associations, government agencies and commercial organisations in the European Location sector.

“David is an innovator by nature. His ideas bring fresh insight, create new opportunities which, importantly, are capable of practical implementation and which deliver exciting and tangible change and results.” Dave Lovell OBE then the Executive Director of EuroGeographics


dbyhundred offers a full management process for collaborations.  We will help you find the right funding and the best partners to work with.  We can also optimise your team for powerful performance in collaborations.  dbyhundred;

  • carries out market research for companies entering the navigation service sector.
  • offers bid management and project management services and is strongly experienced in setting up European collaborations in European Horizon 2020, (previously FP7 and CIP) programmes and the TSB programmes in the UK.  Our favourite success was winning a Euro 14M bid for client EuroGeographics.ELF
  • Offers imaginative approaches  enhance your team performance including Creative Problem Solving, Performance Building and Adopting Agile Approaches in project management
  • advises on location data and services based on a wealth of experience and our extensive network of associates.  Read our publications!
  • offers contract expertise if you need to set up GI web services.

“David helped us at a significant time in our growth. We were a very small company, feeling our way into a risk-averse industry. David’s open style was very helpful in aiding our thinking and approach at that time and I’m very happy to recommend him for similar roles in the future.” Richard Bruges, Chief Executive, Productiv.

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