Agile changing the world – project by projecct

Why have I just completed the Scrum Master Certification course with @Radtac?

Having studied Innovation and brought many of it’s practicies and disciplines into practice for employers and clients alike, I couldn’t help but feel the change in dynamic when we applied Scrum techniques to geographically dispersed teams collaborating to build a European Location Framework of mapping services.

Great examples of how enabling the approach can be include the WikiSpeed team who were able to build a 100 mpg car from scratch within 3 months and completely blew away competition from the establishment car manufacturers.  All developed using agile Scrum tecniques.

Like all the best ways of unlocking potential in innovation, it values the interrelations between people, the passions to do things well and promotes a grown-up professional approach in self organising teams.  It is counter intuitive, but the cessation of command and control on important projects will actually improve the chances of meeting the customer need.

We’ve applied the techniques in one collaboration, now we’re qualified and ready to do the same for our future clients and their projects. 


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