A bid for a European Location Framework

Over the last month David Overton has been managing a bid (on behalf of EuroGeographics) that will progress plans for a European Location Framework.  If our sponsors like the plans, then it won’t be long before the official and large scale data from the mapping agencies will become a lot more accessible to be used and re-used in on-line services.  During long evenings and meetings of the consortium, bid team and our work package leaders we know this is a realistic proposition that can bring reliability and confidence to those bringing together Geo-information services.  The picture below shows the dimensions of the project and our ambition to grow the use of this data into as many areas as possible

The ELFI proposition
Building the European Location Framework


As an independent contractor in this process I can vouch for the belief I have seen from the data providers in the national authorities across Europe and the passion that the architects and application developers show in their plans to bring the geo-information to life.

It’s a perfect way to build upon the award winning success of ESDIN and David Overton and dbyhundred are proud to be associated.


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