I’m David Overton and have been working on innovation in the emerging location sector for the past 10 years.  Here’s a brief of my recent work, skills, approaches and testimonials.

Through collaborations, managing mapping products and involvement in distributed geo-services I am putting my skills to work in my consultancy, dbyhundred Ltd.

I have had recent contracts with EuroGeographics (EG) as their Service Development Manager, Bid Manager and Project Manager.  Each role has been critical in implementing a European Location Framework.  All my contracts with EG involve innovation via distributed architectures, cloud computing and open source solutions to create  the backbone of reference for a new breed of location services.  These are services that INSPIRE legislation insists upon and that are increasingly demanded in commercial markets.

Within dbyhundred I lead EasyGeoCloud and Splashmaps.  The former exploits the power of cloud resources to reduce costs in data production and service creation.  The latter fuses trends in open data with material technology to place outstanding mapping on the most usable substrait.  Our involvement in these projects is part of our core objective at dbyhundred, to make public sector geographic data more accessible .

I have been elected as a Fellow to the Royal Geographical Society for the work I have done on making Public Sector Mapping more accessible and have recently shared an award for “Exemplory implementation of Geospatial Policy and Programmes” by the Geospatial World Forum.  I benefit clients with the considerable expertise I have gained in leading, coordinating, assessing and managing a great many projects and bids under a range of funding schemes:

  • EU; FP7, CIP and Interreg,
  • UK; TSB and Invest to Save programmes.

I live in Hampshire with my wife and two kids who tolerate my increasingly mobile life and product testing!

Contact me on:


Skype: david-overton

Phone: +44(0) 7876 390 656



Katleen Janssen

Post-doc legal researcher,   ICRI, K.U.Leuven (business partner)
“I have worked with David on a number of project proposals, and I have gotten   to know him as a very efficient, skilful and dynamic person. He made sure the   proposals were focused and fully in line with the objectives of the   respective calls, and managed a large group of partners excellently. And most   importantly, he is also a very nice person and easy to work with!” July 5, 2012

Peter Van Oosterom, TU Delft

“It was a great pleasure to work with David on the ELFI proposal (European   Location Framework). The consortium was large (30 Partners) and he managed to   keep the team together in the hectic times of writing. The resulting quality   was also appreciated externally as ELFI received 14 (on scale of 15) point in   the evaluation.”

Chris Higgins, University of Edinburgh, EDINA

“Via EuroGeographics, I have worked with David for 2-3 years now,   principally in the ESDIN project, where David was the project manager. David   was good at this: enthusiastic; organised; supportive. In my opinion, this   was a major factor in the success of the project.”

Lysandros Tsoulos

 NTUA Athens, Greece

Dear David,

I would like to thank you for the efficient   management of the finances of the project.

My previous experience of EU funded projects with   only 4-5 partners shows that the final payment usually takes much longer   that it took for the ESDIN. There is no doubt that this is due to   the dynamic and well organized way it was handled.

Best regards,


Lars Bernard

University of Dresden
“David is a talented project manager and I enjoyed cooperating with him. Hope to do that again in future.” July 5, 2012

Commercial and Mapping Agencies

1 Spatial

Matt Beare

Business Systems Analyst, 1Spatial (business partner)
“With a focus on deliverables and making them on time, David was influential in helping to make the ESDIN project a great success. Coming in to coordinate a 30-month project at the halfway stage is not easy, and for me he did two important things: (i) injected a sense of urgency on work package leaders to coordinate consortium members on the tasks in hand; (ii) enhanced the collaboration of participants to work together towards a common goal. I’m glad I had the opportunity to get to know and work with David during our time on the project.” June 6, 2011

Just van den Broecke

, Geo Consultant, Kadaster (business partner)
was with another company when working with you

“It was a real pleasure working with David on the EuroGeographics ESDIN project. His challenge was to manage our team of developers and specialists who were completely distributed across Europe. Using the Scrum method (and a fair dosis of English humor), he held the team together, chaired the daily Scrum meetings, removed impediments, to finally present the successful results to ESDIN..” June 6, 2011

Ebrahim Hemmatnia

Geo-product & process innovation adviser, Dutch Kadaster (business partner)
was with another company when working with you

“David and I worked together in several workgroups at EU level. David was very passionate about everything he performed. He has effective communication skills and a great engaging personality. David also has shown that he is comfortable in client settings as he was always considered as a valued member of our team and clients.” June 14, 2011

Antti Jakobsson

Programmes Manager, EuroGeographics (colleague)
managed me

“David is a very enthusiastic person and it has been pleasure work with him. He managed a big European project for us with huge number of participants. We works well with different people and has a strong motivation to achieve the goals set for him.” June 15, 2011

Jörgen Hartnor

Senior Advisor, Lantmäteriet (colleague)
worked directly with me

“I’ve known David Overton in his capacity as Project Manger for the EU-financed ESDIN project during the last year of the 2,5 year project. The project comprised more than 20 partners and was very complex both in technical and administrative terms. David proved to possess good management skills which, together with his good communication abilities and pleasant personality, make me happy to recommend him for similar positions. Jörgen Hartnor Senior Advisor at Lantmäteriet In ESDIN: Work Package Leader and member of the Project Management Group” June 15, 2011

Andy Bray

Owner/Director, Netrius International Ltd (business partner)
“I worked with David as part of a consortium of companies preparing a bid for a major EC geospatial programme. David was the project manager for EuroGeographics, the lead organisation. I was impressed with David’s ability to work to strict deadlines while managing the liaison with some 20+ partners within the consortium spread across Europe. No trivial task!” June 18, 2011

Gjermund Lanestedt

Owner, CEO, Lanestedt Consulting (business partner)
“I know David from an intensive work process over a little more than a month, where we by joint efforts managed to put together an extensive project proposal on behalf of EuroGeographics and a large number of national mapping agencies, technology companies and other participants across Europe. I experienced that David is talented, and he has a great work capacity. And not least; he is good at communicating with people, engaging, positive and cheerful. It was a true pleasure to work together with him.” June 24, 2011