For the ORCHESTRA project I have worked with collaboration partners in Italy, Germany, Austria and Spain.  In the recent work with EuroGeographics where we project managed the ESDIN project I have run, hosted and led key meetings and workshops in Belgium, France, Germany, Lithuania, Croatia and Sweden.

My Publications on European Mapping can be found here:-

ESDIN D 1 10 3 Public Final Project Report v1.0 – The Final report I wrote on behalf of the 19 partied collaboration, ESDIN (A European SDI)

20110415 Position paper on ELF for W3CETSI v1– My Paper delivered to W3C at the European Commission on how to reduce barriers to PSI

20110224 ESDIN – the geospatial reference data and services for INSPIRE -Paper I delivered at the INSPIRE conference, Edinburgh 2011 – My Article in GeoConnexion on the ESDIN results and building the European Location Framework

20120717 2 4_NÁ SEOL_Pier-Giorgio_Zaccheddu__David_Overton SCedit_Zasu1 (2)  –  Paper to be delivered to the Dublin City University conference on on-line Toponomyic data bases, August 2012

Previous Collaborations

I Project Managed the Integrated Coastal Zone Project (ICZMap) on behalf of Ordnance Survey, British Geological Survey and UK Hydrographic Office.

I project managed Ordnance Surveys Roles in Orchestra (An Open Architecture for Risk Management), Sentience (improved hybrid vehicle performance via use of accurate mapping) and Ideas In Transit (User Innovation to address societal transport challenges).

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Our offices are based near Eastleigh in Hampshire, England.  Very convenient for our numerous meetings in London, and the excellent Southampton Airport from which much of Western Europe is within easy reach.