An Olympic first half to 2012

Here’s a record of a truly Olympic start to 2012 for dbyhundred. There’s been marathon bids and trophies already this year amongst our 2012 successes for dbyhundred Ltd.  We’ve come a long way in our aim to make public sector geographic information more available, useful and usable. I’ll report many more as this special year continues.dbyhundred carrying the torch for harmonised European GI

1) David Overton was bid manager on a multi-million Euro bid for client EuroGeographics and 29 other partners, successfully delivering the proposal on creating a developer platform of harmonised pan-European geo-information this week. 2) Together with client EuroGeographics we received an award from Geospatial World Forum for “exemplary implementation of European policy” for the work on ESDIN, a European Spatial Data Infrastructure. The dbyhundred team project managed and administered this project. 3) So far we have been engaged in 5 different contracts in a busy start to the year. These include bid management and service development, market research for investment into Intelligent Transport Sector, and expert roles with the European Commission. 4) dbyhundred became a Limited Company in January 2012 after 2.5 successful years of trading performance. We have done this to allow more collaborative work with associate partners.

dbyhundred is available for creation, consulting and innovation work with a focus on collaboration and Geographic Information.

Follow us on Twitter: @dbyhundred and check we’re keeping pace 😉

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