1st November 2015
Reference for David Overton
David Overton worked with Productiv as the innovation lead on several collaborative projects designed to
establish close working relationships with large and small companies.
He helped plan and arrange funding for the first Meet the Engineer event, liaising with the UK government
department for Business Innovation & Skills, as well as with MIRA who provided the venue. The purpose of the
event was to enable SME technology developers to present their technologies and businesses to engineers from
large vehicle manufacturers and other OEMs. David coordinated the recruitment of the presenters and the
audience, briefed the presenters and coordinated the event on the day.

The networking activities he introduced and coordinated allowed the free-flow of ideas and a multiple collaboration opportunities were created. Positive feedback from the event helped cement Productiv’s role in bringing these two crucial parties together. Indeed, Meet the Engineer has now become an annual fixture of the UK Automotive Council’s calendar and the Pecha Kucha pitch approach we piloted at the first event has been adopted by several other organisations.
David’s other important role was in supporting the development of the Radar Club, which has also become a key
element of Productiv’s innovation stream. It brings together members with critical influence in the automotive
and adjacent industries. Those sponsors that David helped to engage now play a strong in the business, unlocking opportunities and initiatives that were later progressed. The approach has d lieredc ttoio na omf uthceh
stronger relationship between Productiv and its partners.
Overall, David helped us at a significant time in our growth. We were a very small company, feeling our way into
a risk-averse industry. David’s open style was very helpful in aiding our thinking and approach at that time and
I’m very happy to recommend him for similar roles in the future.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Bruges
Chief Executive productivgroup.co.uk


Richard Bruges – CEO Productiv