30th October 2015

David worked with me for two years on developing HomeHalo from proving the market for the proposition through to commercialisation showing a great breadth of skills as a Project Manager and business coach in a number of spheres.

He’s been an important part of shaping the initial concept and developing the go-to-market plans engaging expertise from many different spheres as well as helping with legal, technical and specific business skills as and when required.

David’s experience with funding in previous businesses and government funding has helped progress HomeHalo and he has gained expertise as well as securing grants to help with the initial developments.

As a project manager, David has worked hard to make sure that the developments remain focussed, employing techniques from agile project management to assure best value. The project was doubly challenging with parallel developments happening in the UK, Taiwan and Belarus.

David helped recruit a talented team which I can be confident will carry the project forward.

Further information available on request.

Nick Gebbett
Managing Director


Nick Gebbett – HomeHalo CEO