Reference: David Overton
During the period in which I was the Secretary General and Executive Director of EuroGeographics (Sept. 2007 – Oct. 2015) I worked closely with David on two European Commission funded projects and

David was always positive and constructive, outcome focused and action oriented.
He quickly establishes rapport with people, earns their respect and contributes freely in helping them to develop and deliver their ideas and responsibilities.

David is an innovator by nature. His ideas bring fresh insight, create new opportunities which, importantly, are capable of practical implementation and which deliver exciting and tangible change and results.
By way of example I remember clearly his suggestion, made during a team meeting, for a new approach to the seating arrangement for our annual General Assembly of Directors and their advisors of the European National Mapping Agencies, some 140 people, who I would respectfully describe as cautious and conservative.

David’s idea was to set the room in banquet style rather than the traditional formal arrangements. Although I had reservations about this working we went ahead and I am pleased to say that it brought a new energy and productiveness which continues to this day.

I am pleased to recommend him to you.

David C Lovell OBE, FRGS, CGeog.


Dave Lovell, CEO EuroGeographics