3 Things to keep solid state maps relevant

GPS and on-line services killing the old paper map?

That’s not what I think.

Paper Maps are printed on the wrong stuff.

In reality the days of the paper map are limited. But whilst the huge advances in comms technology have brought us neat gadgets to find out where we are… we’ve forgotten to upgrade the printed map. With a little evolution the printed map could still outshine GPS on many counts.

Anyone that’s used a paper map in the real world know’s they’re rubbish! At least that’s what they become when mixed with even the mildest form of soggy weather.

Plus todays printed maps tend to be so general that you can’t see the trail for the tree symbols and all the other pointless content.

If you are doing proper outdoor stuff you need;
1) the cartography that gives you just what you need to plan, start, and triumphantly complete your adventure!
2) the map printed onto a fabric that won’t degrade with time, (or your niave origami) and definately won’t pulp even in your washing machine!
3) light-weight no-nonsense design that fits around you… rather than something that needs a waterproof container and it’s own ruck sack.

Don’t get us wrong. GPS is great! But save the expensive gear and the damage to your non-splashproof smart phone… get a SplashMap!

On Sunday we trail tested with the New Force Mountain Biking Club in Wiltshire.

Mountain bikers are no-nonsense people who expect the sort of shocks, mud and saturation our Splashmap was made for.

So next time you fold your old paper map, just remember… evolution is coming! www.splashmaps.co.uk