Buck off SplashMaps

We can all make a buck off SplashMaps!  Who said consumer mapping should always be less than £15 and we should all eat weavles on the poor remains of profits?

Not SplashMaps.  For 3 years they’ve prospered on a premium product proposition who’s main product sells at £28.99 plus P and P.

Now I’m in on the game.  I’ve become an affiliate, so that any map you get from me will give me a kick-back!  Simply follow this link to SplashMap’s site and you’re putting money in my pocket.

Really they make sense for Christmas!
Really they make sense for Christmas!

Why not do the same yourself? Follow this link and become an SplashMaps partner now! www.splash-maps.com/affiliate-area

Crowd Sourced, Open Data… and now Crowd Funded – SplashMaps gets incorporated!

Get in there early and join the crowd that fund SplashMaps - and get a map at a great price!
SplashMaps opened a Crowd funding site yesterday. This means you can help us reach our funding targets and get a map early 😉

The best maps tailored for outdoor adventuring can now be reserved as SplashMaps Ltd. becomes incorporated and our funding cycle begins!

We waited for Kickstarter to bring crowd funding to the UK so we’d not just provide our weather friendly fabric maps based on Open Data and Crowd sourced OpenStreetMap data, but we could also achieve funding from the crowd of enthusiasts that follow this project.

And who are these enthusiasts?

It’s you!

If you fit any of the descriptions below 😉

  • Those that love to Adventure outdoors – They can be the first own the first leisure maps designed for the REAL outdoors!
  • Those that love Open Data– See the first solid state product based upon this phenomenon!  Their support helps us create the tools that make the data ever more accessable and usable.
  • Those that support the outdoor adventure market – These maps fit in with initiatives and events that get people outdoors and active; SplashMaps is an ideal opportunity to get these initiatives associated with something truly innovative.
  • Those involved in Volunteer Data – SplashMaps represents a new way to get people engaged in the updates
  • Those that follow the European colaborative work on open software architectures and harmonisation of data from multiple sources – we’re taking the best principles from these projects to make a compelling consumer product.

Find out more, support our business and get your maps! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1521486951/splashmaps Many thanks for your supportFrom David and the Directors of SplashMaps Ltd.