Our Core Innovation Skills in practice for 2014

At dbyhundred Ltd. we’re enjoying a strong year of extending our core innovation skills into new areas.  In fact this years’ projects cover the diverse markets of Low Carbon Automotive, Maps, Vulnerable Road User safety, and Internet security.  As is often the case for our projects, each of these businesses are following the trends in big data and often “open” approaches to innovation and provision of data.Image

Our skills in managing innovation events have been applied to the automotive industry through our management of the Meet the Engineer event in April.

We continue to help in all aspects of start-up businesses.  Initially this year this was all about new product development for SplashMaps, but we have now taken on a brand new contract with a client launching an internet security proposition for launch next year.

Our networking and education in all aspects of the latest in “cloud” and “big data” has been boosted with 3 European Commission contracts.

2014 looks busy too with many of the current projects having significant targets toward the end of this year and the middle of next, but we are always interested to learn of new opportunities from our past, present and new clients.