We win more funding for SplashMaps!

We’ve won more funding for start-up SplashMaps!

ImageSince it started in November 2012 the idea of SplashMaps; Washable, wearable, waterproof maps designed for the REAL outdoors; has developed and captured the imagination of hard-nosed geographers and hard-core adventurers alike.

dbyhundred has contrinbuted to a lot of this success;

  • You could say our second success was breaking even this month!
  • And our third has just come in!  The Technology Strategy Board has just approved our application for an Innovation Voucher!  This gives us the funding we need to refine our customer centred web design.  Soon users will be able to select their preferred mapping area, automatically input their own data overlays and change titles and branding to make a totally unique map to their specification.

dbyhundred is proud to have been here for the start of this exciting business and to have helped make a reality out of a compelling idea.

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