Pecha Kucha as a Radar and for Networking

With Productiv I am helping to facilitate a number of Pecha Kucha’s over the next two weeks at 2 significant Industry events.

1) The “Meet the Engineer” event at the Millbrook proving ground is sponsored by the Automotive Council and will bring together technologists and the main producers of autos in this country.  With facilitated networking throughout the day and 20 Pecha Kucha presentaitons, this event is specifically designed to create opportunities in Low Carbon technologies.

2) The more intimate Productiv Radar club.  Our members will see a number of Pecha Kuchas and guest presentations as inspiration for considering future investments and collaboration.

Naturally our presenters will want some guidance on the best Pecha Kucha presentations.  Of course we are sending them our chosen formula… but here is additional inspiration.

1) Pecha Kucha used to communicate design at Nissan

2) A nice clear Pecha Kucha on Pecha Kucha!  Remember ours is 15 slides… 5 minutes.

3) An amusing Pecha Kucha on established versus new systems suppliers

I hope these are of use and please add to the list to help me and our presenters!

Good luck!


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