A decision to do site centred maps on a waterproof fabric! Whatever next?

When starting a New Business that makes maps these days there are a number of questions you need to ask yourself.  Which Market are we addressing?  So what data goes in there?  And where in the world will we make these maps?  Of course there are a bunch of other decisions and implications that arise as soon as you plunge for one of these! Press

If you go for all things for all people you will fail.  Already we design a generic map that is useful for the Outdoor adventurer and we make it in two areas (New Forest and South Downs).  Where do we go from there?

SplashMaps took a decision this week to offer a site centring offering specifically for events.  We already have customers demanding bespoke maps, so we’ve now made it an official offering on our web site!  Rights decision?  Test us ;-)!

The great thing about being a small business sitting on a whole national data base is the quick decision making and our speed to respond to the market.  Our ability to act on what we know and what we’re learning is critical … just check out our newspaper to see where we gain inspiration!

And the great thing about having a Kickstarter model for funding is, we already have customers to satify.  And they expect.

-Site centred maps

-Maps of the majority of the UK National Parks

-Maps of USA National Parks!

Sounds like a big ask?  You bet!

With such keen backers who have that important “feeling of ownership” (see our example on the BBC video on the SplashMaps front page) 

we’ll get there… and we’ll be able to understand the pros and cons for addressing each of their needs.

SplashMaps has a strong following and a bright future thanks to the approach we chose at start-up!





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