A User focus declutters our products and gives us direction!

One of the great hings we’ve done with SplashMaps is make sure it’s not too… well… mappy!  Afterall, it’s all the established map businesses that have missed this gap in the market.  And as Einstein once said “you cannot solve a problem from the same mind set that created it!”.

Being too “mappy” is what has led to so many weighty overly engineered solutions for finding our way today.  Image

So, though SplashMaps have enjoyed a great boost from the praise of the mapping glitterati, it’s great now to see that our simple consumer messaging carries through into the consumer and adventurers’ trade press too.  After all, it’s the consumer that will pay to find their way!


So it’s a scoop to have been invited by the Society of Cartographers to present SplashMaps at their annual conference, and it’s bonza to be on display at the GeoNext conference in Sydney… BUT, it’s even better to have a packed programme of exhausting REALoutdoor events where our Open Data project stays in the hands and minds of everyone for a long long time!



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