Nominate Markus Schneider for OS Geo Sol Katz award

I was asked by OSGeo to nominate who I thought should be the recipient of this years Sol Katz award for Geospatial Free and Open Source Software.  As this is an open process (as you would imagine from OSGeo!) I picked the person I think has done the most for making open source software work for INSPIRE and want to know if you agree.

I nominated Markus Schneider of Occam Labs;  by creating the Deegree Open Source framework they are helping  geo services meet the interoperability specifications of the INSPIRE legislation across Europe.  Please nominate him too by emailing ‘’ and give your reasoning… mine is below!

These services were developed for INSPIRE compliance using Deegree

I was Project Manager and Product Owner in the development of pan-European combined INSPIRE compliant services during the ESDIN project (a European Spatial Data Infrastructure and Network).  Deegree was a significant contributory factor to these interoperating services.  Using the Deegree framework we made 50 different services available simultaneously.

The success of the project led to the 2012 award from Geospatial World Forum for exemplary implementation of European policy.  The services will be extended in the forthcoming EC part funded project, ELFI, a European Location Framework.

I am sure the rest of the ESDIN team of mapping agencies, developers and contractors would agree ;-).

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