Triple opportunity for the Mappers of Europe

As the heads of the mapping agencies of Europe converge on Helsinki next week for the annual EuroGeographics General Assembly (GA) there are three immediate

3 Things for discussion
What will EuroGeographics heads discuss about ISA, ELFI and CIP?

things that they need to discuss together;-

1) The ELFI (European Location Framework) project is approved and now enters a negotiation stage with the European commission.  The standard of effort that prompted the high scores awarded by the reviewers needs to be maintained.   If the ambition to implement and test the harmonisation tools, cloud and cascaded infrastructure in a broad range of applications is to be realised there is little room for compromise .  At the GA the 15 participating National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies and Geodetic Institutions need to reconfirm their commitments and the other members need to sign up to making their data available to this important cause.

2) The ISA programme of the EC has provided funds for their Joint Research Centre to develop the overriding best practice, guidance and possible legislation for location data in public sector use.  They call this the EU Location Framework (EULF).  Though it is clear that EuroGeographics and members have lobbied well in this area, the recent invitation for proposals for consortia to assist the JRC in advancing EULF has now identified 3 such consortia.  It will be important for the NMCA’s to engage in this process and understand what it means for the accessibility of their content.

3) Drafts of the 2013 CIP call from the European Commission have been circulated (I have a coppy ;-)).  Again there is an Open Data theme, and within this there is a specific Geographical Information call.  At the moment it is focussed on Volunteered Information.  If the NMCAs want to expand this scope or input to the description of the call they have until the 8th September to respond.

David Overton is involved and can be contacted for more in-depth analysis at

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