Success in Brussels! Our work on Project ELFI resulted in one of the highest review scores. Bid successful!

Recently David Overton managed a bid on behalf of Client, the National Mapping Agencies of Europe’s association, EuroGeographics.

Another Olympic success....
Triumph for David Overton, dbyhundred, EuroGeographics and the 30 partied consortium, ELFI

The bid is core to the associations central objective “to further the development of the European Spatial Data Infrastructure through collaboration”. David, assisted by the team at EG, managed 30 organisations toward this ambition. And the Reviewers at the European Commission liked it enough to score the proposal at 14 points from a possible 15.  Note that the threshold score was 9! So this isn’t just a success… it’s a measurably great success!

dbyhundred Ltd. and David congratulate the team for landing an excellent project and we wish them the best of luck in their project and their decision making as it progresses towards a start date in January 2013.

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