Our ESDIN begins to influence

A couple of weeks ago I blogged on Socium.  Well I now know what 1 Spatial have been up to.  And I would like our mutual involvement in ESDIN to take some of the credit ;-).

During the project we established that:-

1) The way to get the most value out of public sector information (particularly in re-use) is to have a common reference behind it, and

2) The only way to start the chain of events that lead to this consistent, cross border multiple scale harmonised european spatial data infrastructure … is to make sure your data conforms to a common standard.

Addressing this, 1 Spatial built a system based upon their Radius Studio where a set of validation rules could confirm that your data cuts the mustard.  That’s great… if you’ve spent the money on the software and consultency.

Well, now Socium appears to have addressed this; following the Freemium and Cloud trends I’ve blogged about a few times it is now possible to validate your geographic data free of charge. Go for the premium option and you’ll get the full report you need to adapt your data.

A significant barrier has been dropped.  And together with the free software, test tools and experience from ESDIN we are closer to really unlocking PSI!

For what may come next read my article in this months GeoConnexion

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