A Task Force, but how to coordinate it…?

A Royal charter was granted by the ELF king to allow anyone to utilise reference data in a seamless way across Europe.

Once the King had made his wishes known a team of E.L.F.s helped him define these terms and shaped his ambitions into plans, his subjects into teams and commitments to build were made.

All in a days work when facilitating the European Location Framework coordination committee team at EuroGeographics HQ in Brussels as last week. Our meeting of Mapping agencies, associations, architects and software experts had come together to coordinate a much larger community of stakeholders in the crucial work of harmonising all location data across Europe.  Brought together by the shared belief that this work will unlock the potential of all Public Sector Information, we left the meeting with a clear vision, time line of goals and agreed team structure that will make all this happen.

Sometimes the desperate need to get ideas down into the Gantt, spreadsheet and project definition documents can preclude this “wishful” stage.  In fact, when done properly, it engenders the buy-in and strong visual memory that lets us carry a shared ambition with us.

Practically?  Our geographical dipersal means we’ll fall back on the technologies to enable the team.  37 Signals Basecamp, Doodle.com for scheduling, Skype, Powwownow and GoTo meeting/ webinar for our virtual community events.  Once we’re bidding, budgeting and defining project submissions no doubt dropbox will provide a shared workspace for drafts and the Googledocs will be our framework for agile project management (Sprint backlogs and stand-up meetings).

This is a great suite of community enabling technologies; but hasn’t anyone pulled all these abilities together in the one place?

The momentum is there, the community defined, the shared dream is clear.  The focus now is now to execute the plans in the most effective way.

3 thoughts on “A Task Force, but how to coordinate it…?

  1. Hi,

    Just to let you know, there are many project managers using all the software you’ve mentioned together: Basecamp + GoogleDocs + Wiki + DropBox .

    1. Yes, they’re all good technologies. Is there any need to bring these together? Has anyone used idea management systems in combination with these?

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