The Frontier of Innovation

A great day spent courtesy of the Advanced Institute of Management today.  It’s been almost 2 years (How could I have left it this long!).

After spending the early part of the week with the International Conference on Cartography in Paris, representing EuroGeographics and our work in collaborations, and last week at the INSPIRE conference looking at how legislation and technical drivers are changing the shape of the market for location data, today was a great way to bring all this together.

Some great research from London Business School on the future of work shows that (from a poll of 1300 execs) the biggest deficiency in business now is the inability to deal with Open Innovation and the inability to deal with complex collaborations.   (Makes me feel good to be involved in the largest pan-European collaborations for harmonising and potentially clouding public data!).

We can see this inability in our own patch as Open Source changes the picture for our software providers and Open Data from an increasing number of mapping agencies and driven by the PSI legislation continues to change the market space for everyone in the field.  How many in our sector can say they are geared up for Open Innovation?

Hamburg Uni then gave their view on the 3 pillars of Open Gov, concluding that a Gov 2.0 will take the role as a platform provider allowing social innovators to contribute as the baseline data becomes increasingly available.

The Innovation Lab community themselves are turning to European funds for their next stage (under EURAM funding).  A sound move, and good to know that the labs continue.  As John Bessant observed at the end,  Innovation is still about finding value, be it social or economic.  But innovation is in a fluid state.  Nokia have abandoned their stage gate approaches for those that are more open to outside influence, exploiting social networking drawing the innovation toward them.

So where next for Location Innovation?  Stick wth us and follow our collaborations!


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