End of the project

We’ve just had the review for the ESDIN project.  I have been project manager on this for over a year.  With 20 partners and 12 countries represented, it’s been a real challenge.

Our closing event was fabulous!  Get the news at http://www.eurogeographics.org.  A release of 200 helium ballons from the centre of Brussels marks the beginnings of the European Location Framework… a community plus all the free software and best practice we created during the project that will make harmonised pan-European geo data a reality!

The assessors said this was the most complex project they’d ever experienced, yet we went well beyond thier expectation, proving that the EC legislation can work in practice and creating tools to make sure it does.

For our part I was a little flattered by the comments on the administrative and coordination elements.  We (at dbyhundred) are really proud to have closed off another great project which will make geo data more accessible for all…

Below, this David and our Technology coordinator, Arnulf Christl… and then the audience and project members “releasing” ESDIN and the new European Location Framework!


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