A European Location Framework from ESDIN

The Programme Management team of ESDIN
Solving a European Location Framework

The ESDIN project is completed!  We as a consortium of 20 organisations from academics, software, developer, mapping and land registration organisations have produced a heap of best practice, new processes, insights, data and service specifications that can shape a common mapping framework for location in Europe.

And we’ve really tested the edges of our ideas too!  By attacking 5 themes (hydrology, geographical names, transport, administrative units and cadastral parcels) and testing these across 12 nations in both viewing and downloading services we have approaching 90 instances to play with across 22 independant services.

Now it’s all the writing up.  And with less than a month before the review, but an awful lot to report, I hoping that the viewers of our Web cast and attendees at the closing event (29th March in Brussels, see edsdin.eu) come armed with a heap of questions for our experts.

This is one project designed to make a difference.  Here’s to greater efficiency and accessibility of this fabulous location information!

In the picture r-l: Arnulf Christl, Olaf Ostensen, Jorgen Hartnor, Clemes Portele, Antti Jakobsson, and Anja Hopfstock.



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