Innovation that works!

It was great to take part in our final Digital Content Knowlege Network Advisory group meeting yesterday at Reading Uni.  I’ve been a part of this group now for 4 years.

The funding Technology Strategy Board turned up to tell us that this had been one of the most productive Knowledge Networks.  By their measures it’s returned 14 times its funding in terms of new business generated!

There’s been a great deal of effort to promote and gernate business for the new innovative businesses that have grown around our converging media, content and location arenas.  And it’s great to have joined Gina Fegan and and the South East Media Network to help this happen.

The next stage will be to create the same successes on a bigger scale as Gina and team take on Europe with a developing network uniting the digital content networks of the major cities in Europe.

Well done all!  I am proud to have been a part of this (and am looking forward to the closing party in December!)  Find out more…


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