And a solution!

Okay, so it’s taken a few months between initial winge to new product offering.  And largely thanks to friends at the Ordnance Survey who have decided to make their data free.

It’s a great stack of data, and now my friends at EasyGeoCloud and I have put together 3 start-off Amazon Machine Images;-

1)  The Open Source Software stack everyone needs to do anything on GI these days (especially in the cloud)… and you can have this free 😉

2) The above with all the Ordnance Survey Raster data

3) The above 2 plus the vector data too (this took a little more time!).  Still, now we’ve configured it… you’ll never have to!

Now all the user needs is cloud  based storage which is an easy purchase from Amazon.

The web site launches (I am told!) next week!  So good luck to my colleagues at EasyGeoCloud.  I think we have something unique here!

Web site goes live this week and is



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