Map Makers of the World Unite: Map Marvel

Map Marvel has generated a lot of interest amongst the existing mapping fraternity.  This is fabulous news for the start-up which is following trends more associated with NeoGeographers.

Our growing Alpha testers list is evidence that the time for a serious Cloud GIS offering is really upon us.   From a mapping traditionalist perspective this is Geographic Information entering the mainstream.  From a coder/ hackers perspective this is time to unlock all that location potential with some fabulous new tools.

I would like to see an international set of users testing our tools; uploading their map data to the cloud, analysing it, down-loading it again and publishing it all using our revolutionary tool set.

Who would I like to see getting involved?  Perhaps the biggest opportunity is for the biggest map makers of taday!  Simple inexpensive tools can help them use thier own data for their own purposes!  How many mapping companies actually;

-Use thier maps to locate a restaurant for their guests?

-Use their maps to plan thier own sales trips?

-Use their own maps for a first visualisation of a survey site?

…And how many of these companies would expect their admin staff to be able to perform any of these?

It could be all of them now!

But who are these companies?  Can you help our Market research effort with whatever information you can on the below survey?

The Map Marvel Map Company Survey! Please click

We at Map Marvel will be truly grateful and you will be a part in ulocking the real potential for Mapping!





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