Geo Tards and Neo Tards

So the world of Geographic Informations has got bigger.  And some of the people using location data are not the same as those who used it 10 years ago.  I once worked on an early API using Ordnance Survey data where we thought of these Neo Geographers (those that understand cool web stuff more than geography) as geeks who code in thier pants at midnight.  I don’t think that was far from the truth.

Which camp are you in?  I am trying to make a career by straddling the two.  As the innovation guys say (was it Clayton Chritensen?) “Innovation happens at the finge of your business”.  So to find yourself in the middle of either camp seems a dull place to be.

Here I am building stuff for the collected establishment players in the National Mapping Agencies across Europe, then sliding into the other crazy stream of starting up a Cloud Based business.

It’s October and the future is bright as the trends we follow are coming to life.  Convergent technologies, greater freedom of location information and the combination of the disciplines of geography and the ill-disciplines of the Neo technologists are swrling up opportunities!

Watch Ian Painter the fellow Ordnance Survey admirer and escapee surf this tricky water with Darth Vader in his attempt to understand both.


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