Services that need location

My first attempt at (my own Blog!). Tonight I am preparing to give a presentation at the Cooperative Vehicles and Highways and Systems Interest Group hosted by Andy Graham of White Willow at the Mira site in Nuneaton. Seems like a stretch to friends that know me for Ordnance Survey API’s or Johnson Matthey’s world first in ecommerce for precious metals? Nah. It’s a natural step! My whole 7 and a bit years with the Ordnance Survey was a cunning way to get to understand how location is treated before it really becomes useful in the form of on-line services. And now here it is. (Location that is). At the bottom of every new application. Its as if the world is opening up to it.

So I thought I’d start a business, “dbyhundred” that looks at, understands and enables location services. And as a great start I have landed a contract with Eurogeographics, a trade association for mapping agencies, cadastres and land registries, to help define strategies for thier location enabling services. Wow, what a start.

And Cooperating vehicles and highways? Lets see in tomorrow’s post.


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